Collaborators & Supporters

With a little help from my friends

 In big ways and small ways, these wonderful people helped me bring the world of Snuggle Munsters to life. I couldn’t have done it without them, and I’m forever appreciative of their support.

Stacey Tillott

Marketing Consultant

Stacey is a freelance marketing consultant and official Snuggle Münsters fan along with her little one. She helped bring the Snuggle Monsters brand to life.

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Andra Ciocoiu

Visual Artist & illustrator

Andra is a wonderfully talented visual artist based out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She created all the beautiful Snuggle Münsters Illustrations.

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Toniche Wallace

Toniche is a talented actress, performer and voice over artist! i utilized her specialty to engage and capture the hearts and minds of the children. Fun fact - she also introduced the early stages of the Snuggle Munster concept and illustrations to a focus group of children.

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David Orija

Product Designer

OrijaDesign is a product design and development studio. Dedicated to using innovative processes, tools and flair to develop ideas into the best products.

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Ryan Tibbitts

Web Designer & Developer

Ryan is a multi-talented web designer from Denver, Colorado. He designed and built this amazing website.

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